Lab Grown Diamonds are Real Diamonds

Are Lab grown diamonds real?

The short answer is YES. They are real diamonds.

What is the difference between simulant and lab created diamonds?

Lets be clear, SIMULANTS are simply CUBIC ZIRCONIAS. In other words they are literally worth cents. You find simulants in costume jewellery. Be aware of companies out there who use the term SIMULANTS to take advantage of uneducated customers. On the other hand lab grown diamonds are REAL DIAMONDS.

Are lab grown diamonds simulants?

No they are not. Simulants are not diamonds. Be wary of websites such us “DiamondNexus.com” those types of websites sell “diamond simulants” wich use very clever writing to mislead customers. They are not real diamonds.

What is the history of lab grown diamonds?

Lab created diamonds started in the 1950’s by General Electric, however they were only being used for industrial purposes due to the low quality in colour and clarity. Over the past few decades scientists and laboratories around the world started improving the methods. But only until just a few years ago they were able to start producing gem quality diamonds, which are now starting to become available to the market.

What happens when a diamond tester is used in a lab grown diamond?

The diamond tester will positively identify it as a diamond. They both have the exact same composition.

Certificates and Valuations

Do I get a certificate when I purchase a diamond?

Yes you get a laboratory certificate, as well as an insurance replacement valuation at NO EXTRA COST.

Are your diamonds laser inscribed?

All our loose diamonds are laser inscribed, giving our customers peace of mind that your diamond will never be able to be swapped as it has a unique laser number. If for any reasons you believe your diamond has been swap in the future, bring it to one of our showrooms free of charge and we will check it for you.

Do I also get an Insurance replacement Valuation?

Yes you do at NO EXTRA COST, different to most websites we use an independent valuer to make our insurance replacement valuations.

Why Nova Diamonds

Why should I buy from Nova Diamonds?

The main reasons are:

Origin of diamonds

Are Nova diamonds truly conflict free?

Yes they are! Contrary to mined diamonds, only lab grown diamonds are 100% REAL conflict free. We all have seen the movie Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The reality is that its imposible to know the origin of a mined diamond. Blood diamonds can easily be mixed anywhere in the world with conflict free diamonds and no one would ever know. So please do not fall for the marketing gibberish attempt from the mined diamond industry, there is not real way to guarantee that a diamond is conflict free or not. The choice is clear, lab created diamonds are 100% conflict free!

Ethical Choice

Are Nova diamonds truly eco-friendly?

Yes they are! Different to our competitors, Nova Diamonds is a carbon neutral organisation. We buy carbon credit from the Amazonia area in south America to off-set our carbon foot print.

Does Nova only sell lab grown diamonds?

Yes we are now only selling man made diamonds, we made a decision few years ago that it was un-ethical to keep selling mined diamonds when now technology has advance to a point where we can have real diamonds grown in a lab. This new choice is clear to us it’s the future, a cleaner, sustainable, eco-friendly and real conflict free alternative to damaging the environment and possibly disadvantaging lives in developing countries.


Is Nova Diamonds CEO a Designer?

Yes she is.

Who creates Nova Diamonds designs?

We have a team of designers from diversify backgrounds which all work together to create our beautiful designs for you. All our designs are overseen CEO Iris Arnold.

Does Nova Diamonds do collaborations?

Yes we do occasionally team up with designers we feel are congruent with our believes and brand.

Placing an order

Are your prices in USD, EUR, AUD or GBP?

Depends on the country you are accessing our site from, the system should automatically update to your currency, it does it by checking where you IP address is from.

Can I see the diamonds and/or jewellery in person?

Yes you can, we have showrooms where our customers can visit us. You will be able to see touch and feel the amazing quality that Nova Diamonds is proud to bring to you.

How do I keep my engagement ring a surprise?

The easiest is to contact us and one of our team members will assist you on this.

Is my order insured?

Yes all orders are insured automatically to a value of $1,500AUD, $1,200USD, €1,000 EUR or £800 GBP. If you require higher insurance please contact us.